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Where Beauty Meets Artistry

Welcome to NuYou Define Studio, where beauty meets artistry! Founded and led by CydMarie Santiago, an esteemed advanced permanent makeup artist, NuYou Define Studio is a haven for those seeking to enhance their natural features with precision and expertise.

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CydMarie Santiago is an advanced permanent makeup artist and the owner of NuYou Define Brows. She is the sole artist at her establishment. CydMarie is licensed and insured, having received her training at the prestigious Jhon Jhon Institute. She specializes in various eyebrow techniques, including Nano Brows, Microblading, Ombre Brows, Combo brows, and Shading. Additionally, she is skilled in Lash Enhancement Tattoo, eyeliner Tattoo, and lip blushing. CydMarie is dedicated to providing high-quality services and aims to be the one-stop destination for beautiful brows and overall stunning looks.

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